Philosopher's Haven
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Codename Description
AUTHORS Regarding Authorship topics, e.g. Copyright, Crediting,
Trademarks, Patents, Piracy, Calumny.
OECON Regarding Economics topics, e.g. Currency, Trade,
Property, Price, Piracy, Marketing, Reputation.
V-ACAD Regarding Virtual Academies: Concepts of Knowledge,
Education, Training and Research in a virtual world.
V-LIB Regarding Virtual Libraries: Concepts of Information,
Biography, History and Censorship in a virtual world.
V-POL Regarding Virtual Politics: Concepts of Nation, Economy,
Territory and Property in a virtual world.
E-NET Regarding Internet topics, e.g. Networks, Server Models,
Communities, Remote Access, Artificial Intelligence.
SECURITAS Regarding Security topics, e.g. Internet, Computers,
Radio Signals, Architecture, Military, Psychology, Privacy.
IUS Regarding Law topics, e.g. Crime, Liberty, Rights,
Constitutions, Prohibition, Evidence.
(List incomplete. Updates to follow.)