Philosopher's Haven
This website is still under construction. - Last update: 23.06.16

This site is under construction.
No user/member functionality has been implemented yet.

1. Membership
1.1. There is no "membership".
1.2. There are no criteria for being a member.
1.3. You are a member whenever you want to be.
1.4. You can come and go, the way you want.
1.5. You can give and take, the way you want.
2. Community
2.1. The community is built around anonymity and equality.
2.2. Carefully selected administrators escape this definition.
3. Privacy & Credit
3.1. We do not share or display any user data without consent.
3.2. All own user data can be deleted by request.
3.3. All contributions will be documented and credited to the author.